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MalikCo is a global leader in corporate advisory solutions, IT resourcing, and operational support. Our mission is to optimize enterprise competitive advantage by achieving excellence in all areas of business transformation. We do this by building strong relationships, maintaining a depth of knowledge across business functions and enterprise product offerings, filling unique needs with experienced world-class consultants, and realizing that flexibility is key to delivering timely, budget-friendly, relevant solutions.

San Francisco based MalikCo has delivered 21 years of award winning performance, recognizing enterprise goals through efficient delivery of quality resources, clear understanding of industry specific needs, and agile use of a deep knowledge base to support businesses worldwide.  MalikCo's earned reputation for meeting the most complex needs, sets us apart as the go-to resource for the Fortune 500 companies and small businesses that are our clients and partners. Our full service approach is designed to see every business transformation maximize profitability, build brand trust and achieve sustainable growth.

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