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"MalikCo has been extremely helpful in providing good resources in a timely manner, with absolute dedication and commitment. MalikCo's resources have deep expertise to the core, and have done an outstanding job in managing program deliverables. It would have been an impossible task without MalikCo's skilled resources on my program... Thanks to you and the team for a successful Go-live."

A.D. – Practice Lead, Big 5 System Integrator

"MalikCo provides exceptional resources in a timely and consistent manner. In several circumstances they have been able to find niche skills that our own internal services were unable to provide in very tight timelines.”

J.C., Los Angeles, Accenture

" Malikco is incredibly responsive and can always be relied on to come up with the top quality resources at short notice, even for scarce skill sets. They understand that their clients face tight deadlines and ensure they meet them. They have always exceeded my expectations and provided me the same quality of service regardless of whether I am in a big four environment or a specialist consulting group."

R. Tulloch, Principal, Munro Tulloch, Inc. (Formerly, PWC Partner)

"MalikCo has always provided a personal touch, making it feel we are their number one priority, regardless of size. Dedication and results best describe MalikCo ."

A. Pitts, Accenture

“We needed deeply skilled resources for a client project quickly – and MalikCo delivered the right skills at the right time at the right price. Thank you!”.

D. Haak, Detroit, Accenture

“Incredibly proactive and responsive – I wish my team was as aggressive as MalikCo is!”

J. Semmer, Philadelphia, Accenture

“Very deep integrity, constantly on target, gets it done”

J. C. Phoenix, AZ, Accenture

“MalikCo takes care of their clients, it's always about the customer”

M. Boukari, Houston, Accenture

“GREAT GROUP of people. So diverse, I truly believe they work 24/7, because when I email, I get a response within minutes. Forget the rest! It's like working with good, fun people”

G.T.O, Sydney Australia Telstra

“Stephynie is no non sense. We have used her and her staff for several consulting gig over the last five years. She has always come in under budget and with time to kill”

M. Hoff, New Jersey, IBM

“MalikCo has the best customer satisfaction of any consulting firm I have used in 12 years. We utilize them across the board in numerous countries and still manage to make our margins”

K. Donahu, Toronto Canada, Informatica

“MalikCo is very responsive. We once staffed nine roles over a weekend in two countries”

T. Caseris, Barcelona Spain, GM

“I am constantly impressed with the responsiveness all my MalikCo interactions. They constantly exceed my expectations!”

C. Cutone , Boston, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“MalikCo has been extremely responsive to my needs over many years. Stephynie clearly does her homework and has proven time and again to be a strategic partner -- her services are excellent – I’ve received client feedback that her people are as good an any they’ve seen on the market. I will always look to MalikCo as a partner company when trying to place highly trained skills on project.”

J. Roddy, Accenture

When you need the best, go to MalikCo. They are on time, under budget and have the best skills globally.

T. Ryan, VP IT, Successfactors

“MalikCo is quick to respond and find candidates for tough to fill roles. She and her team are always focused on the client and exceeding their expectations.”

RCH - Multinational IT Company

“MalikCo delivers the right skills at the right time. With only 48 hours' notice they were able to find us the critical skills we needed for training development and training delivery for a large PeopleSoft financials implementation. Their people had the right blend of process and product expertise we were looking for. They represented our team well as we successfully delivered for our client.”

J. Ignagni, Change Management Lead, Accenture

“I have known Stephynie for 15 years, and I have never met someone more professional that understands my needs immediately. She is always my go to person for all of our internal transformation/training consulting”

M. Ryder, Dublin Ireland, Bain


MalikCo’s Partner program provides clients with the finest, most cost-effective solutions available. Through our domestic and international partner channels, we have developed a reputation for delivering unparalleled results utilizing cutting-edge solutions at budget-friendly prices. MalikCo provides the lowest cost of solution ownership thanks to the selective, strategic and creative process of developing our partner relationships to meet our client’s business needs. We continually deliver efficient, reliable and advanced solutions on time, through the strong relationship we share with our partners. This facilitates closing the gap between business operation and effective technology.