Corporate Social Responsibility


MalikCo is committed to leveraging our resources, our knowledge, and our partnerships to make a significant and sustainable difference in the lives of people and communities.  We look for opportunities to get involved in programs and projects that assist individuals, organizations, or communities that work on any social challenge where advocacy and change are needed to improve quality of life. These challenges include education, youth development, hunger, homelessness, and entrepreneur and small business education and consulting. Research shows that effective social impact programs encompass much more than making a financial donation. The most effective partnerships are more "mentoring" or "consultant" focused and can truly increase individual, organizational, or community capacity to excel.


Advocates for People! Catalysts for Change!

  A powerful yet simple approach to doing our part to make a difference in the lives of others!


MalikCo partnering with Sylvan Hills High School Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program to launch public school mentoring program:

Preparing "at risk" youth for employment truly has a significant and sustainable impact on their lives and the communities they live in. Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) (  is a state-based national non-profit organization whose mission is to enable high school students to graduate and begin to achieve their career goals. 

MalikCo is partnering with the Sylvan Hills High School JAG program in Sherwood Arkansas to challenge each student to step into the CEO role and view their career goal as their "start up". The concept is to introduce students to entrepreneurial business practices and tactics by linking them to the JAG career development curriculum. The students get "hands on" experience and basic information in business planning, leadership, financial planning, branding, and marketing in six on site sessions. 

Each JAG student is unique and each has their own strengths to leverage and barriers to overcome on their path to career success. Behaviors drive outcomes in our personal and professional lives. The JAG curriculum provides the core concepts. Our role is to show how those concepts can be applied in the "real world" to create personal growth and success. 

 MalikCo to launch ‘Your Career Inc’ partnership with the public schools


MalikCo Consulting has partnered with Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy (  over the last several years to provide scholarships and support for this Northern California, East Bay youth drama organization that takes the approach that creativity is a fundamental and teachable skill and that every student regardless of financial means should have an opportunity to learn and develop creative and expressive skills.



Castro Valley Dramatic Arts Academy