Packaged solution, custom development, SaaS, we’ve done it all.  Why?  Because every business and every project has different objectives, not just time, cost and schedule but also security, stability and adaptability.  The right financial system solution for a company of 10,000 is different than for a company of 100.  But regardless of what type of solution we deliver with you our process always follows the same path:

Vision/Strategy – we make sure we understand the big picture and where the solution fits

Plan/Story – we work with you to understand the story behind the need for the solution and the specifics of that need.

Develop – we work quickly to arrive at what we think will be the best solution for you and try to find the shortest path to getting something in place.  We want you to recognize value quickly.

Iterate – because MalikCo is value driven we work with you once the solution is delivered to make sure you are getting the results you anticipated.