Digital Marketing Manager, Hayward CA is seeking a Director of Digital Marketing to oversee and implement a digital marketing strategy for our rapidly growing organization.


What sort of company is Fourandhalf and where are we going?  


Fourandhalf s a digital marketing company that helps Property Management companies grow and thrive through Content Marketing, PPC, Lead Nurturing Automation, Sales Process Development, Reputation Management, and Social Media.


Over the last 5 years, as a technology-enabled digital marketing company, the Fourandhalf team focused on researching and partnering with 3rd party technology providers to build, package, sell, and deliver industry-specific solutions to the Property Management space. During this period, the company experienced a fairly rapid growth from 1 to 24 employees and became a leader in marketing solutions for the Property Management industry.  


The team at Fourandhalf is now entering a new growth phase by transitioning into a technology-driven digital marketing company with our own development resources. Our vision is to "Solve Everything Pre-Sale" for property management companies and the first iteration of that vision is our newly launched OnePartner Website Platform.


The OnePartner Website Platform is meant to be the nucleus of everything we offer today and a key to executing our vision in the future. All of our customers' marketing efforts converge at their OnePartner Website, and the conversion data is then collected and interpreted by our custom-developed Business Performance Dashboard. Our team of experienced account managers then acts on that data on a quarterly basis, driving the Continuous Improvement Framework. 


How would our ideal candidate take us there?


  • Take ownership, drive and further develop our already successful content marketing strategy including our Podcast and Weekly Video Blog series.
  • Develop Fourandhalf online community and drive our target prospect and customer engagement and participation.
  • Develop a webinar series to drive leads, educate prospective client base, and drive community engagement.
  • Plan and manage our corporate website re-launch to better align with our vision while improving conversion and SEO.
  • Develop and map solution-specific nurturing funnels in Agile CRM and build out the lead scoring logic.
  • Develop and implement our PPC, remarketing, and retargeting campaigns.
  • Assist Fourandhalf product development team in bringing new marketing solutions to our client base.
  • Own marketing and sales alignment, while enabling cross-department collaboration with Operations, Web Development, and Design teams.
  • Work with our sales team to redesign our trade show kit and collateral
  • Develop, track, and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Oversee product positioning and brand map creation (we’ve retained a consulting company to drive the process).

What experience should the ideal candidate have?


Our ideal candidate would have 3-5 years of hands-on experience running digital marketing for a rapidly growing startup technology or service company. Expertise is required in the following areas: Marketing automation, conversion science, data analytics, social ads, email, content marketing, PPC, remarketing and retargeting.  


4-year college degree is required.

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