Business Partnerships Worldwide

What does it mean to be a Global business?  At MalikCo we believe partnership and innovation are challenges of relationship and trust more than location.  Do we truly understand your business model and how it is integrated into where you work and how you want to do things?  Do we listen to the expertise you have built into your business and comprehend where it is different than how we think?

These are the kinds of questions we ask so that we can come to understand how we can work together to transform your vision into what, right now, you only imagine?  These are the demands we place on ourselves wherever we work.

So whether we are doing an SAP implementation for Telestra or working with multiple partners to deploy resources in multiple countries over night what’s important is to know we are working WITH you 24/7 until the job is done.  Our people have worked all over the world in every situation imaginable and we work hard to always remember where we are and to insure your experience is always the same:  Responsiveness, Insight and Experience.