Mobile Solution for Leak Survey

Alternative Energy Windmills

Northern California utility partners with MalikCo to design and develop an Agile driven mobile solution for Leak Survey.


The client is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States, with over 20,000 employees that carry out the company’s primary business – the transmission of delivery of energy.


Recognizing the need to accelerate the performance of gas leak survey compliance work and electronically document results the utility identified the following business requirements: • Deliver SAP maintenance plans to a mobile device where a leak surveyor in the field can receive and view their work • Enable viewing of the maintenance plan notification on an electronic map • Allow surveyors to record the results of the survey on the electronic map and transmit results to enterprise systems • Provide the ability to work offline in a way that is non interruptive to the business process • Provide capability to seamlessly integrate Leak Survey foot workflow with advanced leak detection technologies such as Picarro and Lasen


MalikCo compiled a team of industry experts in SAP Work Manager, ArcGIS and SAP EAM to develop a tightly integrated and intuitive application that enabled the user to easily pass between WM and Map interfaces. The application allows easy location of the work area and items on the map as well as auto calculation of services and mains surveyed. As part of the solution architecture, interfaces were designed to enable electronic handoff of survey shape files to Leak Surveyors for foot follow-up. While the organization generally runs projects using a Waterfall approach the MalikCo development team worked with the organization’s project governance to introduce an Agile, scrum-style approach within the boundaries of the waterfall structure that supported user interaction and earned high scores and praise for user engagement and support during the analyze and build process.


MalikCo developed a leak survey solution that integrates the client’s enterprise technology and satisfies the key business requirements for management and tracking of mobile leak survey compliance work. In addition, a solution was designed to integrate the client’s newer advanced leak detection technologies and support the greater business objective of developing a seamless end to end electronic process.