Delivering SAP Environmental Health & Safety Management

Northern California utility partners with MalikCo and implements SAP Environmental Health and Safety Management (EHSM) Module.


The client is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States, with over 20,000 employees that carry out the company’s primary business – the transmission and delivery of energy.


Recognizing the need to reduce manual processes, improve analysis and reporting capabilities, and proactively monitor risks and reduce injuries, the utility made the strategic decision to implement the SAP Environmental Health and Safety Module (EHSM) to:

• Create a centralized system of record.

• Eliminate written documents/emails and paper based tracking of Job Hazard Analysis and Industrial Hygiene monitoring results.

• Provide a consistent description of hazards and controls and risk ranking and tracking of which jobs have been assessed.

• Eliminate the risk of inaccurate and unavailable data and reduce compliance issues.

The utility chose MalikCo due to its experience in implementing the SAP EHSM Module and its extensive knowledge of the utility industry.


By integrating our functional EHSM leads and project managers into the utilities cross functional team, we were able to provide strategic direction, design, and hands-on solutions for implementing the EHSM Module. Recognizing the immediate needs of the utility, our experts provided the necessary focus and insight, successfully implementing industrial hygiene and risk assessment functionality.

MalikCo successfully lead the utility through the various project lifecycles, from requirements gathering, design, build, testing, training, deployment and post go live support. As a result, the EHSM module was successfully implemented on-time and on-budget and is now recognized as one of the utilities key technology projects that is focused on monitoring risks and reducing injuries.


By partnering with MalikCo, the utility is now able to understand where its risks and exposures are and can perform end-to-end compliance testing. Ultimately improving controls and advancing its mission towards analyzing data and reducing injury and exposures.