We offer consulting services based on what your business needs.  So whether you need a team to deliver a solution driven by your vision or you need an individual skillset specifically focused to solve a problem we can provide theLearn more


MalikCo has over 20 years of experience working with executives, across a broad spectrum of industries, to construct strategic IT solutions, allowing businesses to meet their core objectives. We enjoy a reputation for timely, high-touch service, from our dedicated teamLearn more


  From a business standpoint, extending your capabilities and augmenting your strengths by adding managed services is a smart way to reduce risk. Outsourcing your operations can give your company the flexibility to control costs and gain scalability based onLearn more

MalikCo Worldwide Services

MalikCo Worldwide Services

  MalikCo offers business flexibility and precision about managing change.  Design, deployment, support of a new technology solution, and embracing change are key when providing a seamless transition. MalikCo prides itself on hands-on service from start to finish, giving consultantsLearn more

People & Organization (HR)

As an integral part of the business, your HR organization is tasked with managing change by driving performance with your greatest of assets. At MalikCo, we know your staffing needs are as individual as your corporate identity. We dissect yourLearn more

Procurement & Vendor Relations

MalikCo has trusted relationships with a broad range of software and infrastructure solutions suppliers. These established partnerships ensure good communication, while facilitating a faster delivery of your enterprise solutions. By leveraging these relationships your business can add value without addingLearn more