What does it mean to be responsive?  These days none of us stays disconnected for very long.  Connectivity has reduced what used to take months to minutes and what was thousands of miles away to next door.



Nothing like it.   Many of our consultants have 20 or more years of experience leading and delivering cutting edge technology initiatives in large organizations.



We have all this data but what do we really know?  So often a project is completed, the system deployed and everyone acts like they’re done.  But at MalikCo we are just getting started. 

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MalikCo’s Partner program provides clients with the finest, most cost-effective solutions available. Through our domestic and international partner channels, we have developed a reputation for delivering unparalleled results utilizing cutting-edge solutions at budget-friendly prices. MalikCo provides the lowest cost of solution ownership thanks to the selective, strategic and creative process of developing our partner relationships to meet our client’s business needs.