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MalikCo is an industry leading technology management consulting company that delivers innovative and customized business solutions that will maximize your company’s agility, process efficiency, and profitability. Learn more about our broad and diverse portfolio of services and the variety of companies who have trusted us to improve their business results.

Our Process

The MalikCo Method is the transformative approach to designing and delivering customized business solutions that founder and CEO Stephynie Malik envisioned when she launched our company in 2002. The process has evolved over time as client demands and industry trends have changed; however, our responsiveness to client needs, timely project completion, and our commitment to your success has remained constant. Learn more about the MalikCo Method and what design and delivery looks like when you partner with us.

Our Productivity

We optimize business processes to make people more efficient and productive. Our methodology begins with a survey of your personnel, information systems, and workflows, but it's more than typical data-driven business analysis. The MalikCo "Magic" is part expertise, part experience, the product of a trained eye and an innovative mind.

Our Results

MalikCo was founded on the simple operational philosophy to always do the right thing the right way. Those words are the cornerstone of our company’s culture and enable us to achieve our goal of always exceeding the needs, requirements and expectations of our customer. Simply put, execution is everything. Learn more about how our award winning delivery and results can transform your business today.


MalikCo offers a vast portfolio of information technology consulting and training services to enable any company, in any industry, of any size, in any location to become more agile, more competitive, and more profitable in the marketplace. We design, develop, and deploy customized business solutions that maximize your capacity and capability to excel. MalikCo is entering our third decade in business and our results prove one thing....we have the tools and the talent to help your company become more effective, more efficient, and more competitive in your industry.


Now that we have all this data what do we do with it? In our increasingly connected world we now have access to more data than ever before. Our data analytic expertise can help you sort out what to do with it and what it all means to your bottom line.

Risk and Regulatory

Doing business in a connected world drives evolving risks and the acceleration of regulation to help all end points manage their success and protect customers. MalikCo consulting can help you build models to assess risks quickly and help your organization develop methods and practices to become more agile is assessing risk and adapting to regulatory change.


The MalikCo Digital Solutions Team can help you adopt, adapt and integrate IOT solutions and leverage mobile technology to enable value in an ever increasingly connected world.


We offer the following consulting services:

  • Project Management Office
  • Human Resource Management
  • IT Strategy
  • Financial and Performance Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning


MalikCo has over 20 years of experience working with executives, across a broad spectrum of industries, to construct strategies that allow businesses to achieve their core objectives. It is our business to help you manage changing needs and ensure confidence in critical enterprise business decisions. We can help you transform your business into a global enterprise well positioned to meet tomorrow’s changing needs.


You say you need to change the way you do things. You are too slow and your competition is moving twice as fast. Innovation and disruption are concurrent forces and MalikCo knows them both well. We can help you transform your business and spot the land mines well ahead of time.


MalikCo offers business flexibility and precision when managing change. Design, deployment, support of a new technology solution, and embracing change are key when providing a seamless transition. MalikCo prides itself on hands-on service from start to finish, giving consultants the ability to provide personal focus on every stage of implementation. MalikCo revels in delivering comprehensive solutions, because for us, it’s not just a job, it is a relationship.

People and Organization

As an integral part of the business, your HR organization is tasked with managing change by driving performance with your greatest assets. At MalikCo, we know your staffing needs are as individual as your corporate identity. We dissect your requirements and get to the core of your need, ensuring the best fit for your unique set of talent objectives. Our vast placement experience in all IT professional positions guarantees that you will receive highly skilled consultants who embody the best of your corporate culture to deliver, on-time results.


From a business standpoint, extending your capabilities and augmenting your strengths by adding managed services is a smart way to reduce risk. Outsourcing your operations can give your company the flexibility to control costs and gain scalability based on business demand. As a leading global provider of augmentation and managed services, MalikCo will deliver the support staff with the essential expertise to compliment your organization, freeing you to optimize productivity and focus on your core competencies.

Procurement and Vendor Relations

With over 20 years of IT Consulting experience, MalikCo has trusted relationships with a broad range of software and infrastructure solution suppliers. These established partnerships ensure good communication, while facilitating a faster delivery of your enterprise solutions. By leveraging these relationships your business can add value without adding resources.

Technology Solutions

Deploying the right technology solution involves understanding the problem you are trying to solve user needs, company size and the business processes and functions that need automation or improvement. Whether you are looking for a solution on the cutting edge or a functional area or utilizing a specific technology platform MalikCo’s dedicated consultants will collaborate with you to deliver the optimal outcome.


Trying to understand an organization without understanding the industry it operates within is like trying to fully understand another person’s perspective without knowing their background and the community in which they live and work. At MalikCo we want to understand the whole picture as we have consultants that have worked in multiple industries for years, that are ready to transform your business today.

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When you need results more than resources, MalikCo stands ready to elevate its commitment. We can assume full responsibility for your company attaining specific performance metrics. From identifying the strategy to designing and executing the implementation, MalikCo solutions are delivered on time and often under budget to allow you to focus on more critical issues and better utilize internal resources. Our solutions can include one or all of the following services.

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