Stephynie Malik

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Stephynie Malik

At MalikCo we focus on service, respect, integrity and transforming relationships into partnerships because we believe these are the ingredients of a great business. We believe it is our job to connect great consultants, people and technology know-how with great clients and turn those relationships into dynamic, growth oriented partnerships that last.

Our commitment is strong and our team is dedicated, we do not stop until our clients are fully satisfied. MalikCo’s global reach has been able to deliver elegant solutions and highly qualified talent with unparalleled service, with the greatest possible speed. Our approach is client centric, and revolves completely around the ever-changing needs of each our business partners.

In a world of increasingly complex relationships we believe high responsiveness and interactivity is a critical virtue that provides a peace of mind to our clients and partners that we will always be available to them whenever they need us. Our team sets the highest standards for how we do business and that’s why I believe clients continue to return to us with their toughest issues.

Our goal over the coming years is to continue to innovate and evolve and to develop deep and lasting relationships based on earned trust and effort.